Our Partnered Artists

We love supporting local artists, makers, and creators. We currently feature:

  • Art & Adornments by Mae (Mae Stoll)
  • Juliette Swenson
  • Shabby Chick Company (Julie Turner)
  • Rusty Wren Studios (Mia Ackerson)

Interested in being at Foxtails? Read below on how to become a partner artist:


What kind of agreement do you have with local artists in Foxtails?

We offer consignment with the artists in our shop. Our consignment agreement can be read here.

How do I become a partner artist?

We ask that you submit a message with samples of your work below. If you have any technical difficulties submitting your work, please contact us. Please note that submitting does not guarantee acceptance into our store as a partner artist. We screen all submissions as we curate our collections.

What are the requirements of partner artists?

We require that you hand-make or design any products you submit to us. We do not accept resold items unless they are antique/vintage and not readily available.

While we don't have hard requirements related to this, we do specifically look for products that are natural or nature-inspired and fit our store's woodsy, rustic theme.

Unless otherwise noted, we do not accept the following types of products:

  • Clothing
  • Food or drink
  • Anything drug or alcohol related
  • AI artwork

Where can I apply?

You should apply on this page. There is a form below for artists to submit their name, informational, and samples of their work.

Why was my art not accepted?

The partner program is intended to spotlight local artists who create unique, high-quality products and artwork. We do not accept any work that has been purchased from a major retailer or brand without modification. Any items you submit for us to carry in our store must be hand-made, designed, or modified in a unique and significant way by you.

We accept many different types of products as long as long as they are related to the theme. If your work is related to nature, animals, rustic and/or farm life, then it will likely fit in well!

Please keep in mind that we do receive a lot of submissions and need to be somewhat selective. We reserve the right to refuse a submission for any reason.